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How to make white colour buttercream frosting

Here is a little tip on how to achieve a much whiter colour on your buttercream.
Make sure you whip the butter well before adding your icing sugar. Then once mixed well, beat for another 5-10 minutes to get that silky finish.
Whilst beating add a very (seriously very tiny bit!) tiny drop of purple food colouring in your buttercream. I tend to start with just dipping a toothpick into the colour paste, spread it in the buttercream and give it a nice whisk. If I'm not happy with the colour and feel that its still yellow-ish I then repeat the process until I achieve the white colour I desire.
I use grape/violet from Sugarflair Colours colour paste for this process, just watch out for how much colour you add into the buttercream. You do not want to end up with a grey-ish colour and have to start over.
You can also try using Wilton White-White Icing Colour too. It has a similar effect although some say if you use too much of it, it leaves a weird taste in your mouth. Maybe stick to the purple food colouring method for much larger batches of buttercream...

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Good luck, and please post your photos here once you've tried the tutorials using my hashtag #BalCakery! I would love to hear from you all.
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