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Frequently Asked Questions

When enquiring about an order which information should I provide?

When enquiring about a cake order please provide the following information so that we can come up with the best price. Any additional information you miss out may change the overall price.

• Number of guests
• Flavour

• Number of tiers. How high do you want the cake to be? Single tier, double tier, three tier...
• Do you need delivery or will you be picking up the cake yourself? Delivery charges will be added onto the final price. Please provide us with a postcode for deliveries.
• Allergen information
• If you have a specific design in hand please send us a photo. We will be happy to work around that. After all, it is your special day! :)

What are the serving sizes for cakes?

The industry standard for celebration cakes is 2"x1" and for wedding cakes is 1"x1".