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Cake Course • Cake Decorating Basics - Level 1 + 2
Cake Course • Cake Decorating Basics - Level 1 + 2

Cake Course • Cake Decorating Basics - Level 1 + 2

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In this combined online decorating class, you will first learn and practice different frosting and filling techniques. Your level of knowledge is not critical here. I will be walking you through my tried and tested methods + recipes, so just be confident in yourself. That's all you need! 

This course can be arranged as a group session or a 1-2-1 class.


Level 1 - In the first session, you will learn & practice different frosting techniques (recipes included in metric units)

• How to make our Signature Vanilla Cake 
• How to make Buttercream
• How to make Home Made Fresh Fruit Reduction for cake fillings
• How to make Crème Pâtissière (Pastry Cream)
• How to make Dark / White Chocolate Ganache
• How to cover a cake with Sugar Paste
• How to cover & ribbon a cake board

Level 2 - In the second session, you will learn the following:

• How to tort, level and crumb coat a cake
• How to fill your cake layers
• How to correctly use cake dowels
• How to get super sharp edges on your layer cakes using buttercream/ganache
• How to cover your ganached cake with sugar paste and create sharp edges